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Mackenzie's First Day of Second Grade

August 23, 1999

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Every year on Mackenzie's first day of school,
she holds up her fingers for her grade level.

David is staying on the second floor and heard us coming down to take Mackenzie to school. He thought he'd get her as she rounded the corner, but surprise, it was me!

Then Mackenzie showed up. She was so excited to start school, and when we got to the school, she told me that she was nervous. That was the first time that she has ever told me that she was nervous doing something new.

Of course, as soon as she got to her door, she was ready and said, "Ok, see ya later Mom!" So off I went.

This is later during recess while I was spying. The first day of school was a half day (only 2 1/2 hours) and the PSA held a coffee informational meeting in the cafeteria for the parents, so I wasn't actually loitering around the school.

The girl on the far left is Mackenzie's second grade teacher.
Her name is Kara Ekstran. She's really nice and Mackenzie likes her. The girl on the right is another 2nd grade teacher named Elspeth MacKenzie. She is from Scotland and has a really cool accent.

Mackenzie's class was lining up to go back inside after recess. That is her teacher with her counting to make sure all the students are there.

Yeah, the first day of school is over and I made it, I mean Mackenzie made it!!!

This is Mackenzie and Sara. Sara is from England and has been in Budapest for two years. She is in Mackenzie's class and they hung out together through recess.

Sara couldn't find her ride and wasn't sure where she was suppose to meet them, so we walked down to the front of the school with her to help her look. We found them, but only after walking back up the hill!

After about a week of walking Mackenzie to the playground before school, she decided that she wanted me to drop her off at the top of the hill and walk down by herself.

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