Barcelona, Spain

February 22-26, 2000

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Our Hotel

Mackenzie had a week off from school for "Ski Week" so we headed to beautiful Barcelona, or as the locals say Barthelona (Gramma thinks that the King had a lisp so everyone started talking that way and it just stuck).

When we got into the airport Tuesday afternoon, we headed for the train to take it into town and when we stepped out of the airport, Mackenzie looked around and said "Well, it looks just like everyplace else we've been so far" I said that since we were still at the airport maybe she should reserve judgement until we at least go into town.

We stayed at the Hotel Regina, it's the yellow builing on the left, and this was our room, we were on the fifth floor (piso/pistho) which in America would be the sixth floor (Euro starts at 0 floor and you go up to the first floor).

We had a cute little nook at the end of our room by the window that looked over the street where we could sit and read or eat.

If you look at the picture of the hotel, our room was around the corner to the right, on the other side of the white building. We looked over that street.

Our first full size bathroom (not counting the beautiful Hyatt Hotel in Manchester, but that was only one night and Gramma booked it). Both of us could actually fit in the bathroom at the same time with room left over. The doorway was short though, if I stood on my toes I could touch it with the top of my head.

I made a deal with Mackenzie that we could alternate using the stairs and the lift, so she always picked going down for the stairs.

This was the little lift in the hotel, but still larger than most of the other lifts that we have used.

And Mackenzie's all time favorite type of door, the revolving door. She said she'd like one for her room.

And this is what we did every evening before bed (good thing I booked two beds huh?)

Wednesday in Barcelona