Mackenzie is EIGHT years old!
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February 3, 2000

Well, I forgot to take the camera with me to Mackenzie's school, oops, but Roland and I took cookies, juice and goodie bags to Mackenzie's classroom. I made the cookies in an oven that you choose the temperature by turning to a number between 1 and 8. Needless to say, I pretty much stood in front of the oven and watched.

Mackenzie wanted to have Roland over for pizza for her birthday, so that's what we did. First they opened their own goodie bags then sat down to eat pizza (eeewwww with ketchup) and watched Pokémon.

Izabella and Roland brought Mackenzie the flowers and sang Happy Birthday to her.

After they finished pigging out on their pizza, they decided to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candle.

Since they had eaten a bunch of pizza (still eeeewww with ketchup), they decided that they were going to open gifts before eating cake.

Since Roland doesn't speak English, they agreed on this through charades.

They sat down and got started. That's the Harry Potter book (from Gramma and Grampa), now Mackenzie has all three (even though I left the others in San Diego for her to read when we get back). She was pretty happy about this one.

I got Mackenzie one of those hand shadow books, that's the little flashlight that comes with it (and her Statue of Liberty pose). They turned off the lights and tried a couple of the hand shadows right away.

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