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This is the front of the office/house. We are on the third floor at the big round window (our living/dining area).
The main office is on the first floor, and the managerial offices are on 2/3 of the second floor.

This is the third section of the stairs (huff... puff...) and the section that leads to our front door. The door is on the left hand side at the top of the stairs. Those are our shoes on the right and our water heater straight ahead.

Yes, Mom, there is a large enough fire extinguisher on each floor and a smoke detector in the main hallway and one on each floor.

When you step in the front door this is the hallway that goes down to the right, or you can step straight across from the front door into the front room. All rooms here are separated by doors.

If you are standing in the front door of the front room (which, remember, is across the hall from the front door of the flat), this is the couch and Mackenzie's favorite easy chair.

If you step over to the easy chair, this is the dining area that is in a little alcove to the left of the door.

Then from the dining table this is the corner of the room that is directly across from the front door (both of them). The desk in the corner is Mackenzie's new desk that she picked out to put a computer on and for her homework. We might move it over to the dining area.

And the TV with Cartoon Network (Nordsk subtitles) and a Movie Channel in English (we can get the Nordsk subtitles on that also)!

This is the view looking out of the cute circular window at the front of the flat.

One is down the driveway and the other is just out to the East. I think you can figure out which is which! The sun comes up over on the right side of the picture!
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