October 16-19 Venice, Italy during Mackenzie's Fall Weekend School Break
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We'll start with the flat, this is what is was like leaving each day, but remember, on the way back it was up. Like all places in Europe it was small (read tiny), and made the bathroom on the narrowboat seem huge!

This is the front door that opens in the middle of a staircase!

So you turn the first corner and .... more stairs! And another door that you have to unlock to get through.

So through that door and...

down more stairs!

Turn that corner and yep, one more set of stairs. Then through the little foyer, and out the last locked door to the cute little walkways!

And we're off...

To cross over some of the close to 400 bridges that connect Venice (and over 160 waterways have been covered with earth so Venice is now a series of only 18 islands though there are more than 45 smaller canals that come off the Grand Canal).

The flat was near the Ponte di Rialto Bridge, which was built where the Grand Canal is the narrowest (28 meters) and is one of only three pedestrian bridges that cross the Grand Canal (the other two are the Accademia and the Ponte degli Scalzi).

There we are, right at the top on the flat part (kind of to the right of the middle) can you see us?

Ok, the other one is closer.

And the view from where we were standing off the Rialto Bridge of the Grand Canal.

On to Mackenzie's Gondola ride!