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pic pic September 5 - I ran the 19th annual Budapest Half Marathon. Some of the staff from AISB (M's school) were running so I joined them. About 4600 people ran (from 40 countries) and there was a steady stream coming through the start gates for almost 5 minutes (they use a timing chip tied to your shoe so your time starts when you cross the start). The picture on the left are a few of us who started off together. I arrowed the group in the bigger picture. Tim Tschumperlin (High School) is in front with the Wisconsin shirt, then Ross MacLean (4764 M's Math teacher), David Spencer and Miklós Jálics (you can just see the yellow of Miklos' shirt next to Spence in the gray tank - HS), and then I'm behind them.

Here we are on Andrassy with Hero's Square behind us. Tim was running faster (or just fast, he finished in 1:23) so he's already out of the picture. I ran most of the race trying to pace off Ross and that's us at the arrow.

pic pic

A map of the route we ran. It was a wonderfully scenic run with nice weather and a light breeze. And an hour and 43 minutes later I was happy it was over (if I had the energy I would have been ecstatic). Ross finished about two minutes ahead of me and Spence and Miklos a few minutes later.

pic pic September 11 - The 9th annual Budapest End of Summer Night Run. We ran the 6.5 km (4.03 miles) run on Saturday night. It started at 9pm and was beautiful! We headed off across the Chain Bridge (Lánchid), through the big tunnel under Castle Hill and back around across the bridge, then down the Danube past the Parliment and back to Roosevelt tér. That whole area is lit up every night and we absolutely enjoyed it. Mackenzie and I ran together at her pace and she ran the whole thing at a steady pace, she did a great job. We finished in 42:50 (10:36 mile average).

September 12 - The 13th annual Terry Fox Run on Margit Island. It's a 5k or 10k run, walk, skate or bike fund raiser for the Cancer Research Foundation in Hungary. These runs are held all around the world for Terry Fox, a Canadian, who attempted to run across Canada on an artificial leg (his leg had to be amputated after he was diagnosed with bone cancer). He called it the Marathon of Hope and wanted to raise awareness and money for cancer research in Canada. He started the run in Newfoundland on April 12, 1980. He ran 43km a day (26 miles). On September 1, after 143 days (and 5,373 km/3,339 miles) he had to stop because the cancer had reappeared in his lungs. He died June 28, 1981, he was only 22.

Mackenzie ran/walked the 5k with a friend from the school soccer team and I ran the 10k with some of the teachers from the school. After running Saturday night and Sunday morning we could only muster up the energy to make some popcorn and watch a movie!

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