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PARIS, FRANCE - Thanksgiving Break

November 25 - 28, 2004
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pic picNovember 25, 2004 - We decided to head to Paris for Thanksgiving again this year and go to Disneyland. We stayed at a little hotel near Disneyland, just outside Paris and took a shuttle over each day. We actually got in late Wednesday night and walked around Disney Village to see what shops and restaurants they had there.

Here's Mackenzie at the front entrance of Disneyland Paris and inside near Skull Rock and Captain Hook's ship.

pic picFirst we headed over to get tickets to the Lion King show. Mackenzie wanted to take this stroller but it was in use already!

While we waited for the show we zipped to a few rides, the Space Mountain bashed our heads a bit more than the Anaheim one, they had Captain Nemo's submarine from 2000 Leagues Under the Sea to check out and you can see a big sea monster out one of the windows.

The show was fun and really good! That is Simba and all of the characters had incredible voices.

pic picWe went under the castle to see the dragon, he was sleeping but I think Mackenzie woke him up. He started puffing out smoke and growling and 'zip', notice that Mackenzie isn't standing there anymore! She said it felt like someone was breathing down her neck!

pic pic pic
Alice has a fun labyrinth to wander through, we rode the Carousel and Mackenzie couldn't pull the sword from this stone either! Next page